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Covid counts

Lead Summary

COVID-19 cases continue to rise locally and statewide. Between Sep. 13 and 14 Madison County’s active COVID-19 cases jumped from 66 to 92, echoing the rest of the state as total active cases tallied 8,332 in the state. According to Montana State Library’s COVID-19 dashboard, which is updated weekdays between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., the number of active hospitalizations in the state as of Sep. 14 was 362. The daily updated COVID-19 testing results published by Montana Disaster and Emergency Services and the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force reported on the 14th that more than 10,500 Covid tests were performed since the last report – of those tests just under 1,250 tests came back positive. Thirty of those were from Madison County, with ages ranging from zero to 89. On the vaccine front, the state went up a percent, marking 51% of its eligible residents are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Madison County also went up a percent with 43% of its eligible residents fully vaccinated.

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