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Our Pledge

When I was only six years old and barely in first grade, we stood and pledged allegiance to the flag before we prayed.  
And one of us would take a turn reciting The Lord’s Prayer.  We all were oh so innocent.  We didn’t have a care.  
But then the prayer was taken from the schools of this great land.  The First Amendment says it’s so.  I just don’t understand.  
Could the Pledge of Allegiance be the next to vanish from our schools?  Not every school includes it now.   Are we a pack of fools?
Some critics say there isn’t time.  The Pledge just takes too long.  Would they dare to ask some veterans?  They’d say that’s just plain wrong.  
Are we afraid to speak out?  Afraid we might offend someone?  The Fathers of this country risked their lives for everyone.  
They stood for right and honored God.  They bravely took a stand.  I wonder how they’d feel about our “Allegiance” being canned.  
This land is still America.  That’s what our flag stands for.  If this country doesn’t fit your bill, then pardner there’s the door. 
When we cowboys get together, and we’re sitting round the fire.  We’ll offer our opinions about this country we admire.  
Though some of us have differences, on one thing we’ll agree. The Pledge of our Allegiance to our flag helps keep us free.  
I’m proud to see my grandkids keep on pledging to the flag.  To hear their little voices almost makes me want to brag.  
So I’m asking those who educate.  Recite the Pledge each day, and show your love for country.  It’s the patriotic way!  
Our children will remember, even more than games they played, how they pledged allegiance to the flag when they were in first grade.

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