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Not so average Joe To Nepal, with love

Peter Schmeiding will be the first to tell you: he’s not one to talk about himself.

A tribute to the DeHortys: Madison County pioneers

When Bill and Kate Lev purchased of land across from Laurin, Mont., to build their home, they were aware of the local

Apple orchard life lessons

On August 25, amidst the fields of Woodson Ranch and with the mountains of the Ruby Valley as his backdrop, Ruby Habi


Can you hear the buzz?

Counting coots…

If you see Tundra pickup cruise slowly along Ennis Lake, then pull to a stop before a long-lensed spotting scope emer

Tip of the hat

Growing up watching her mother Sheila make cowboy hats, Ericka Kirkpatrick certainly learned a lot about the unique t


“It ain’t dying I’m talking about, it’s living.

Honoring Kay Von Bergen

Kay Marie Cogdill Von Bergen embarked on her lifetime passion in 4-H at the age of 10 as a first year member.

In full bloom

Hey, what’s all the buzz about? By 8 a.m.

Counting pronghorn in Madison Valley

Approximately 1,500 to 2,000 pronghorn live in the Madison Valley. How do we know? Because the Montana Dept.

Clearing trails

Two weeks ago, the Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association (SWMMBA) helped clear the Gazelle Creek trail because

Ennis Arts Association scholarships awarded

The Ennis Arts Association is pleased to have awarded two $1000.

Treating the mind, body and spirit

Where were you when the 911 attacks occurred?

Finding your own last best place

If you’re like me, your days of extreme hiking, rough climbing and sleeping on rocks may now be fond memories.

From Normandy to Ennis

Among the 24,000 American, British and Canadian troops who landed at Normandy Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944, were scor

‘Oh, I got it at the Nearly New!’

Shirley Storey Masson’s dad did not believe in educating girls.

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